My Latest Work – The Dynasty Dresser

With a healthy combination of winning, farmhand promotion and intense marketing, The San Francisco Giants has really made a name for themselves as one of the prestigious baseball teams on the left coast. Giants fans have become some of the most loyal bunches in the Major League. Who is to say they will win every year? But one thing for certain, they are here to stay. I myself as a fan, cannot play baseball, so I try to paint them as well as I can, to do my part. This is the 9th furniture piece I have completed, with trial and error, I have moved on to freehand all my paintings. Figured nothing is going to be perfect in this world, I am certainly not trying to reproduce photos. My aim for this piece was to commemorate the exciting moments during these 3 World Series championships. The true excitement and emotions were not entirely in the photos you see on the internet; rather they came from within each and every player during the games. With that notion in mind, I can paint freely, breaking from the capture of photography and extend their feelings beyond. When it is all finished I see the sense of establishment in Timmy’s gesture, the relief on Marco Scutaro’s face, and the loud screams between Posey and MadBum. Hope I have shared these thoughts with you.and MadBum. 

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