Sweat Series 2 of 5: Draymond

I am on a mission to paint the second Golden State Warriors player of this series. Draymond Green actually is my favorite on the team, the reason being is his outspoken and witty personality. It really has a connection with mine, to speak the truth all the time. I had the honor to have him sign my painting yesterday.  As I see him on and off the game, he is a hard working player, who does not take things for granted. I looked for images of his and again I found this one with a smile. I picked it because it shows me the inner side of him, when he can enjoy the game on the court, still in his own self. Sometimes I wonder if everybody can be their own self whenever they want to. Struggles do continue for all of us, but I hope there are moments that we can treasure and look back upon.  

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