Abstract “Buster Posey on Squat” Dresser

What started out as a sketch would become the final presentation. It was something that was totally unanticipated. “Buster Posey on Squat” was the theme of this commissioned piece. When I started sketching with my paint brush using only 4 colors, I fell in love with the outcome, to a point I dared not painting over it, in fear that it would be ruined by my own hand. So I talked with my client and she was absolutely delighted. Turned out she met Buster Posey in person before. She agreed this abstract presentation depicted him thoroughly: a hard-worker who doesn’t like the spotlight, and respects the game of baseball. “He just wants to do his job, and he’s serious about it,” was what we agreed upon this presentation. To tell the truth, it was difficult to let this piece go; but I know it’s in a good home now.

W 24-3/8”, D 11-3/4”, H 27-1/2” Sold


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