Abstract “Buster Posey on Squat” Dresser

What started out as a sketch would become the final presentation. It was something that was totally unanticipated. “Buster Posey on Squat” was the theme of this commissioned piece. When I started sketching with my paint brush using only 4 colors, I fell in love with the outcome, to a point I dared not painting over it, in fear that it would be ruined by my own hand. So I talked with my client and she was absolutely delighted. Turned out she met Buster Posey in person before. She agreed this abstract presentation depicted him thoroughly: a hard-worker who doesn’t like the spotlight, and respects the game of baseball. “He just wants to do his job, and he’s serious about it,” was what we agreed upon this presentation. To tell the truth, it was difficult to let this piece go; but I know it’s in a good home now.

W 24-3/8”, D 11-3/4”, H 27-1/2” Sold


Sweat Series 2 of 5: Draymond

I am on a mission to paint the second Golden State Warriors player of this series. Draymond Green actually is my favorite on the team, the reason being is his outspoken and witty personality. It really has a connection with mine, to speak the truth all the time. I had the honor to have him sign my painting yesterday.  As I see him on and off the game, he is a hard working player, who does not take things for granted. I looked for images of his and again I found this one with a smile. I picked it because it shows me the inner side of him, when he can enjoy the game on the court, still in his own self. Sometimes I wonder if everybody can be their own self whenever they want to. Struggles do continue for all of us, but I hope there are moments that we can treasure and look back upon.  

Sweat Series 1 of 5: Curry     

Sweat Series 1 of 5: Curry

When I pick an image of a sports player to paint I always look for the glare. Why would I pick certain poses but not others? The easy answer was always, “I don’t know, because I liked it?” But when I dig deeper into my inner train of thoughts there is always one definite compelling answer to why I liked it: I could go into that player’s soul from these images. But how? Well, that would be through his/her eyes. Humans are a species of emotions. Thus sports are attracted to their fan bases because there are a lot of emotions being expressed or exposed to the public during the games. These expressions echo with our normal daily lives of ups and downs. When they are naturally expressed, these emotions are acknowledged. As a painter, that is how I capture and elaborate them. I never try to paint a photo exactly, because the subject is more than that photographic moment. Imagine the next split second from the moment of the capture. What would the face look like? The smile, smirk, squint, sense of relief? All of the facial expressions change constantly without stop. Which is the climactic moment? Was it the image that was captured? Not even the player can tell you. So I really am free to interpret, to put together another form of imagination. Yes the soul still belongs to player, but I had the honor to put it in an art form.

In this painting, I name it the “Sweat Series”. The element of sweat helps depict the rigor of the basketball game. Through his glare we were able to appreciate this soulful moment, nonetheless what he was thinking. Was Curry taking a moment to contemplate, to decide the next move or to figure out what the team strategy was? Only Curry would know.

My Latest Work – The Dynasty Dresser

With a healthy combination of winning, farmhand promotion and intense marketing, The San Francisco Giants has really made a name for themselves as one of the prestigious baseball teams on the left coast. Giants fans have become some of the most loyal bunches in the Major League. Who is to say they will win every year? But one thing for certain, they are here to stay. I myself as a fan, cannot play baseball, so I try to paint them as well as I can, to do my part. This is the 9th furniture piece I have completed, with trial and error, I have moved on to freehand all my paintings. Figured nothing is going to be perfect in this world, I am certainly not trying to reproduce photos. My aim for this piece was to commemorate the exciting moments during these 3 World Series championships. The true excitement and emotions were not entirely in the photos you see on the internet; rather they came from within each and every player during the games. With that notion in mind, I can paint freely, breaking from the capture of photography and extend their feelings beyond. When it is all finished I see the sense of establishment in Timmy’s gesture, the relief on Marco Scutaro’s face, and the loud screams between Posey and MadBum. Hope I have shared these thoughts with you.and MadBum. 

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